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Envision Optometry provides complete eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses at our downtown Boston location in the Financial District. Optometrist Dr. Tricia Rose and her staff would love to help you choose your next pair of frames! We have fashion eyewear from great designers and take most insurance plans. 


The Envision blog was created to connect our optometry practice with the Boston Financial District community. Please stop by to meet some of your neighbors, get updates on new eyewear, and other information about Envision Optometry.

The Envision Meet and Greet - with Kathleen Wamser

Envision Staff

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by the blog. Meet our friend Kathleen Wamser, a Marketing Manager at Student Aid Services.....

You mentioned that you’ve spent a lot of time in New Zealand on exchange and visiting, what are your favorite things to do there?

I loved my time in New Zealand, I lived in Auckland for 6 months during college and then I just backpacked the whole country in September, it’s amazing and I love their sense of adventure. While I was there I did all the crazy adventure sports like sky diving, bungee jumping and white water rafting. Each city has its special thing to see and do.

When I was in New Zealand I loved the Malay food, but apparently it can’t be duplicated in the States.

Malay definitely cannot be duplicated, I wish it could. I do go to Flat Black on Broad St. for coffees because they make them New Zealand style.

Where else would you like to visit?

Anywhere! I have a long list of places I would like to go. I’ve been to Europe a few times and love beach vacations. I have wanderlust and want to see so much of the world.

Any adventures coming up then?

Nothing booked at the moment, sadly. I recently started my job so I’m building up vacation days. I have a few weddings to go to this summer so I’m at least making it to California and Florida. Hoping to book a bigger trip somewhere for the fall.

Any favorite day trips from Boston?

I’m still pretty new to the area, but I grew up in New Hampshire, so I like to head there to ski. I’m excited for summer where it’s just a quick trip to Rhode Island to hit the beach.

When people visit from out of town, where do you like to take them?

I love Davis Square and Harvard Square for restaurants and they are great to walk around and just enjoy being outdoors. If visitors aren’t from New England, it’s definitely worth a trip to get oysters somewhere downtown and see Faneuil Hall and the waterfront.

What are your favorite restaurants here?

One of my favorite things about Boston is the never ending list of new restaurants to try. I really like Sweet Green for salads, but my weakness is sushi. I could eat that every day.

What do you do for fun/hobbies/sports?

I like to stay active; going to the gym, snowboarding, soccer and such. I just joined the Blondes vs. Brunette powderpuff football team. It’s a great group of girls raising money for Alzheimer’s. if you haven’t heard of it, I definitely recommend you check it out! My page is if you want to learn more.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Chesterfield, NH it’s a little town near Keene, so most of the time I just say I am from there. It was a great area to grow up in.

What part of town do you live in now? 

I live in north Cambridge, near Davis Square, I love that I can just get off the T and walk around. There are a few cute little stores with unique gifts and accessories I like to pop in after work and Blue Shirt Café has great juices for a post-gym snack.

Where do you work and what’s your job title?

I work at Student Aid Services as a Marketing Manager. We help colleges make unique award letters for their incoming students and try to make financial aid a little easier for everyone to understand.

How long have you been a graphic designer?

I’ve been designing since high school; I had a great art teacher who introduced me to the Adobe programs. I went to college for graphic print design and marketing and have been lucky that most of my career has allowed me to do both things. Most people have to choose between the creative and the management side; I have the best of both worlds. I also do freelance design, mostly by referrals, but I love playing around and coming up with new logos and designs.

Think fast: favorite font? best Pantone color?

Oh man, one font? I don’t think I could choose. Right now I’ve been using a lot of slab serifs in my design. I like how bold and full of character they are, but I spend a lot of time looking for new fun ones. As for Pantone - PMS 313, or as my friends refer to it: “Kathleen blue”. I’m on a kick right now, even my car is that color.

How would you describe your eyewear style?

Well this was my first pair of eyeglasses so I can’t say I have a “style” yet. But I have lots of experience in sunglasses, which I am a fan of bright and obnoxious styles. When I met with Steven [at Envision] I referred to him as the eyewear guru. He knew the glasses for me within minutes of meeting me, but wouldn’t show them to me until I tried on a few different styles and mixed in the ones he thought I should get. Of course I picked the ones he had chosen first. He knows what he’s doing!

Those are Etnia Barcelona frames?

They are the Delhi frames in green-brown. I must say, they have a lot of character and I’ve received tons of compliments since getting them!

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