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126 High Street
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Envision Optometry provides complete eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses at our downtown Boston location in the Financial District. Optometrist Dr. Tricia Rose and her staff would love to help you choose your next pair of frames! We have fashion eyewear from great designers and take most insurance plans. 


The Envision blog was created to connect our optometry practice with the Boston Financial District community. Please stop by to meet some of your neighbors, get updates on new eyewear, and other information about Envision Optometry.

The Envision Meet and Greet - with Michael Van Nort

Envision Staff

Meet Michael Van Nort, the interior designer who keeps the Envision space fresh and stylish. We grabbed Michael for a few pictures in his new Dita frames and chatted about some of the thinking that went into the Envision design.

What’s the concept for Envision’s interior design?

My concept for designing envision was an "urban cottage". I came up with this after meeting with Dr. Rose and seeing the display cabinets that she previously installed and discussing the overall feeling she wanted for envision. By mixing the vintage style, bright blue velvet wood framed chairs with the more modern grey tweed tufted chairs, we created a comfortable seating area. The graphic wallpaper has a nostalgic feeling, however when mixed with the selected paint colors and white ceramic garden stools throughout, the overall feeling is very fresh, and I think very comfortable.

Full disclosure; you’re a good friend of Dr. Rose’s. How long have you known each other? Any early memories?

It's true, Dr. Rose and I met in the sixth grade and have been friends ever since. One of my favorite memories is actually a very recent one: this past summer, I was having frozen yogurt with Dr. Rose and her daughter, who was about to start sixth grade. I told her, "you know, your mom and I met in sixth grade, so I really hope you meet someone that will become a lifelong friend this year". 

Do you try to bring elements of Dr. Rose’s personality, or personal style, into the design?

Absolutely! The design is definitely representative of Dr. Rose's personality and style, however I think it also appeals to a larger audience through the design choices we have made. 

Do you consider the Envision clientele when you design? 

I definitely considered Envision clients in the design, however it’s really about conveying Envision's personality as a warm and approachable optical boutique where one will be exposed to great products and receive extraordinary service.

You’re based in NYC, but you have a few Boston clients. Is there a design difference between the two cities, or is it more about the individual client?

I do think it really is about the client. A lot of my clients, regardless of where they live are looking for clean, well edited spaces that are comfortable and warm, yet modern. No matter where I work, clients consistently tell me they want their spaces to be comfortable.

Any plans we should look for in the future at Envision?

Nothing specific, however we are always thinking about the window displays and constantly brainstorming with Dr. Rose on how they can be used to enhance the interior and hopefully be interesting enough to draw in new clients.

How would you describe your eyewear style? Any similarities between interior design and picking frames?

Hmmm, that's a tough one. I'd like to think that my eyewear style is similar to the interiors I design - clean lined, classic with a modern sensibility.

I know you’re a big fan of the antique markets at Brimfield. Any tips for getting the best deals?

Saying I'm a big fan is an under statement! I love the Brimfield Antiques Market and pretty much look forward to it all year! This year I'll be attending the show in May and July. My number one tip would be to attend with a friend that will be OK if you want to separate for a while, then meet up again later. It sounds basic, but don't attend the show with anyone that can't be on their feet and walk for 8-10 hours. I often shop the smaller antique stores in Brimfield and the neighboring town after the fields close. Other tips would be to arrive early and bring plenty of cash (the ATM at the field has a high surcharge and limits your daily withdrawal). I would also recommend lunch from the Greek stand in the food court!

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