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We believe that seeing your best requires using exceptional lens technology. Our office proudly offers the latest in cutting edge technology from Carl Zeiss Vision.

Carl Zeiss has long had a reputation for offering the best in German lens technology from telescopes to microscopes to camera lenses.

Zeiss single vision lenses
Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses are offered as a standard on every pair as well as sun-glass level UV protection in every clear pair of lenses.

Zeiss blue light lenses
Our anti-blue light lenses are designed to address digital eye strain in an increasingly digital world. With previous products, blue light blocking is achieved via coatings applied to eyeglass lenses. ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses incorporate blue light blocking properties into the lens material itself. This means up-to 50% lens distracting reflection.

Zeiss Smartlife Individual progressive lenses
Smartlife Individual lenses are specifically designed for people with presbyopia who lead a connected and on-the-move- lifestyle. The optical performance in the lens periphery is optimized for frequent changes of head and eye position associated with the use of hand held devices. This new design provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery to provide all-day comfort. Most lenses are designed to meet the vision needs of many people. Zeiss Smartlife Individual Lenses, however are custom-designed to meet your individual needs.

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