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Which eye drops are the best for dry eye?

A friend recently texted me the question...⁠

"Which eye drops are the best for dry eye?"⁠


There are a confusing amount of eye drops out there ⁠

and some are better than others. I've written about the ones that I like so let's talk about the things you see in the artificial tear aisle that you don't need if your eyes feel "dry".⁠


1️⃣Contact lens rewetting drops - for my contact lens wearers, these are aimed at hydrating your contact lens but there are better drops that will plump up your own tear film and give better results. Skip these.⁠


2️⃣Allergy eye drops - unless your eyes are also itchy, which suggests there is an allergy, you can skip these, too.⁠


3️⃣Get the red out drops - SKIP! Likely your eyes are red BECAUSE they are dry. Skip this and lets deal with the cause of the redness.⁠


If your eyes are feeling dry, let's figure out why your eyes are dry and then find something that will work best for you!⁠


Save this post to reference later!⁠

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