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TearCare is a 15 minute treatment that delivers targeted heat to the tear glands to remove blockage. Removing this blockage helps keep your eyes moisturized and healthy.

Watch a video of the treatment here!


Why are my eyes dry in the first place?

Around 85% of patients with dry eye have a problem with their meibomian glands. These glands live in your eyelids and produce the very important oily layer of your tears. Over time, along with digital device use, these glands will become clogged and dry eye will occur.


How does it work?

TearCare uses heat and gentle expression to soften the oils in the tear glands and unblock them. Expressing the stagnant oil in your glands will allow for oil to flow better out of them, improving your symptoms of dry eye. 

How do I know if my glands aren't working properly?

One indicator is if you get frequent "styes" but others include burning, gritty, watery eyes. The best way to tell if you have this problem is to visit us. Not all dry eye is equal and a personalized approach to treating this problem is the best.

How long does it take before my eyes feel better?

This depends on the severity of your dry eyes. Dr. Garlich will be able to give you a better answer after your exam.


Are there any side effects?

You may notice your lids are a little sore 1-2 days after the procedure but this is mild and will subside over the next couple of days.

Does my insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, insurance companies have yet to adopt this newer technology. This is similar to dental work or fertility treatments where procedures are needed but insurance may not cover them.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes! We have the option of Care Credit. Care Credit offers 6 months without interest so this is a great way to pay this slowly over time without interest.


How often do I need to do this?

This procedure is a starting point. The goal of TearCare is to improve your symptoms but also to preserve what glands you have. Depending on the initial severity of your dry eye symptoms, more than one treatment may be needed prior to the 6 month follow up. We will schedule a 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month follow up with Dr. Garlich to determine if a retreatment is needed. This is all based on your symptoms and the appearance of your glands. 

For clinical studies on TearCare, click here.

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