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Am I a candidate for LASIK?

Am I a candidate for LASIK?⁠


I get this question on a weekly basis. There are several things that I look at to answer this but as a general rule, here are 3 main starting points.⁠


1️⃣. Stable prescription. Your prescription needs to be stable which means no more than a two step change over the course of a year.⁠


2️⃣. Prescription that falls within a surgical range. Higher prescriptions may disqualify you from getting LASIK. As a general rule this is usually between -12.00D and +4.00D and for astigmatism no more than -4.00D. ⁠


3️⃣. No dry eye or other corneal issues. Dry eye can be worse after LASIK so we never want to send an already dry patient into this surgery. There are also certain corneal problems that are contraindications but this is something we screen for prior to LASIK.⁠


For patients that are interested in LASIK, many LASIK offices also offer free consults to make a final determination on candidacy. ⁠


Have you ever considered LASIK?⁠

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