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Are dailies really all that?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Yes, they are.

What are they?

Daily disposable lenses are single-use lenses that you discard at the end of the day. Nothing beats having a fresh pair each morning.

Why are they better?

More frequent replacement = better eye health and comfort.

Proteins, lipids, and calcium deposits in your tears can attach to your contacts and cause discomfort and even infection. You can clean your lenses, but this does not entirely clear all deposits, which build up over time.

Aren’t they more expensive?

Yes and no. Cost does vary by brand. In general, the lenses themselves are more expensive than a monthly or biweekly lens. However, lens care products won’t be needed, which does offset the cost. Also, many brands provide a higher rebate when you order a 6-month or annual supply.

If you wear your lenses 5 days per week, the cost per day is less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! And while your coffee only lasts half an hour, lenses provide comfort and vision all day long.

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