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Can I recycle my contact lenses?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Yes! But there is a proper way to do it.

In partnership with TerraCycle, Bausch & Lomb sponsors the ONE by ONE Recycling Program for contact lenses.

Here’s how you can recycle your lenses and help reduce waste on our planet.

It’s so easy!

1. Collect open blister packs and contacts in any small cardboard box you have at home.

2. Once the box is full, print a FREE shipping label from the ONE by ONE website, and drop off the box at any UPS location or ship it from home.

3. Once received, TerraCycle will properly recycle your contact lens items.

Unfortunately, contacts & packaging placed in standard recycling bins are filtered out since they are too small, contributing to waste. However, since its conception, ONE by ONE has recycled over 4 million recycled lens items and over 25,000 pounds of waste!

For more information and to print your shipping label, click here.

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