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Can you recycle your contact lenses?⁠ ⁠


You can and you should!⁠⠀

How do you recycle contacts?⁠⠀


1️⃣ Start with a cardboard box. I'm holding one from the recycling program started by @bauschlomb with @terracycle but any box will do.⁠⠀


2️⃣ Drop your contacts, blister pack, and foil top from any brand in the box for recycling. Once it's full....⁠⠀


3️⃣ We can take them for you! We are proud to be a recycling center for this Bausch + Lomb program.⁠⠀


As a reminder, don't put your contacts down the drain or in the toilet as this can get into the water stream.⁠⠀


Happy recycling! ⁠⠀

Have you ever recycled your contacts?

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