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How can I prevent dry eye?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Last year, we made a very positive change in our office. ⁠


We decided to take screening photos on all of our patients' tear glands. These tear glands (aka meibomian glands) are responsible for preventing dry eye. They are long skinny tubes that produce the oily layer of your tears.⁠


The bottom photo is what normal looks like and the top is what someone with atrophy looks like. The area of darkness in the middle of the photo is atrophy.⁠


Why take these photos on every patient?⁠

My goal is prevention. Screening every patient allows me to diagnose mild atrophy cases and prevent them from becoming severe. The severe atrophy patients are harder to treat and often have more severe symptoms of dry eye.⁠


I've learned over the years that being proactive about your health is much better than being reactive and I'm happy to offer this technology to our patients.⁠


If you are having any issues with dryness, we are here to help!

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