How can I tell if someone has dry eye?⁠

There are a lot of different ways but let's go over two of them!⁠



Some common symptoms of dry eye include:⁠

🔸Burning eyes⁠

🔸Gritty/sandy eyes⁠

🔸Watery eyes⁠

🔸Red eyes⁠

You can have all or none of those symptoms.⁠


The other useful thing I use in the office are dyes!⁠

I'm holding two of my favorite here, a yellow and green one!⁠


Different colored dyes tell me different things about your eyes. They highlight where the issues are and help direct my treatment plan. ⁠


Dry eye is so nuanced and not every treatment works well for everyone. It has to be personalized!⁠


Have you ever had any dyes used in your eyes?⁠

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