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How do I clean my glasses?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

These tips wll help preserve the life of your lenses.

1. WASH: Wash hands thoroughly prior to cleaning your glasses to prevent transfer of dirt, grease, grime, and lotion to your lenses.

2. RINSE: Rinse your glasses with lukewarm water. This step removes dust and debris, which can scratch your lenses during cleaning.

3. SOAP: Apply a dollop of soap that is free of lotion/moisturizing agents.

4. RUB: Gently rub soap around all parts of the frame, including the nosepads and temple ends that rest behind your ears. These areas are a collection depot for skin oils, dust, and debris, so you want to make sure you clean those off.

5. RINSE: Rinse off the soap. Residual soap can cause smearing of your lenses when you dry them.

6. DRY: Use a clean, lint-free cotton towel to gently dry your lenses. Do not use towels that have been dried with a dryer sheet/fabric softener (these can smear your lenses). Any lint/dirt on towels used to clean lenses can, of course, scratch your lenses.

7. INSPECT: Any residual smudges or streaks can be removed with a clean microfiber cloth (ask you eyecare provider, they have them!). Tip: wash microfiber cloths regularly without fabric softener/dryer sheets (see Step 6).

STILL NOT UP TO PAR?: Some eyeglasses with heavy build-up between nooks and crannies can be cleaned professionally using an ultrasonic cleaning instrument. Check with your eyecare provider. Also, yellowing nosepads can be replaced with new ones.

LENS CLEANER: You can also use spray cleaner/pre-moistened wipes designed for cleaning eyeglass lenses. Make sure to rinse off dust/debris with plenty of spray if you don’t have any water prior to wiping.

Simple as that! And remember, when not using your glasses, they should be stored in their case!

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