I need reading glasses. Are contact lenses still an option?

Yes! Typically in your early 40s you'll start to notice reading and computer work are more difficult. This is because one of your eye muscles, the ciliary body, isn't able to flex and focus on things up close like it used to. This process is called presbyopia and is completely normal. Everyone will experience this.

Now let me start by saying that for certain situations, glasses will offer the best vision. It's unavoidable. If you're going to sit down and read a book for several hours or are driving often at night, glasses may serve you better. However, the goal with contact lens solutions is to get you through most of your tasks for the majority of the time. Who wants to pull out reading glasses every time you need to see a menu at a restaurant or look at your phone?

If you've hit this point and have started using reading glasses, bifocals, or progressives, contact lenses are still doable!

Here are three options to read with contact lenses:

1. Distance-only contact lenses: reading glasses are used over the contacts for near task