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Is makeup bad for my eyes?

If you wear eye makeup, you could be doing damage to your eyes without even realizing it.

Since your eyes have a delicate balance of tears that rest of the surface, old makeup, or the improper placement of makeup, can result in dryness, irritation or an infection. So let’s talk about the three most common types of makeup people use on their eyes and how to avoid complications.

1. Mascara: This makeup has the shortest lifespan because of the bacteria that can be transferred from our eyelashes to mascara tube and back again. Therefore, you should be replacing your mascara at least every 3 months. If your suffer from dry eye disease, a 1 to 2 month replacement schedule might be necessary.

2. Eyeliner: The most important thing to note about eyeliner is to not cover your eyelid water line. This region is located on your upper and lower eyelids and has over 20 glands that express tears onto your eye. Therefore, putting eyeliner over top of this line will cause dryness, or even worse, permanent dysfunction of these glands - yikes!

3. Eye shadow: One major issue with eye shadow is when it flakes off. If your eye shadow doesn’t stay put, it will end up floating around in your tears and can cause irritation and redness. Personally, I highly recommend using an eye shadow primer or base to keep this makeup on your eyelids better.

Still have questions? Give us a call. We are here to help!

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