Mistakes you're making with your contact lens case

So you're good about taking your contacts out before sleeping, and you soak them in contact lens solution every night and replace them regularly after the correct amount of time. But do you also take care of your contact lens case?

Here are 5 common mistakes people make:

1. You never wash your case (ew!)

More often than not I notice my patients bring filthy contact lens cases to their exam with dirt buildup and grime all around the edges. Gross!

Once bacteria from all that gunk gets into your contact lens case, it becomes a breeding ground for not-so-nice- things. And every time you store your contact lens in there overnight, that bacteria adheres to the lens and can certainly cause infection when you put that lens onto your eye.

DO rinse and clean out your contact lens case after every use. After you put your contact lenses in, dump out the solution, rinse with fresh contact lens solution, wipe down with a clean tissue, and air dry without the caps on face-down.