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Tips on how to keep your eyes healthy.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Patients often ask what they can do to keep their eyes healthy and I love taking this preventative health approach!


Below are my easy tips for keeping your eyes healthy.

1️⃣ Don’t smoke. Smoking is bad for all aspects of your body but it also makes eye diseases like dry eye and macular degeneration worse.

2️⃣ Wear sunglasses. Not only is UV protection important for diseases inside the eye but roughly 10% of skin cancer occurs on the eyelids. Let your sunglasses be the sunscreen for your eyes!

3️⃣ Eat a healthy diet. Broccoli, spinach, and kale are great for the retina. Consume healthy foods and your body will treat you well.

4️⃣ Annual eye exams. Eye problems do not always have symptoms and prevention is key. A proactive approach to eye care is much better than a reactive one so keep your annual exams so we can find issues early!

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