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Were you in the sun this weekend?

I need you to be honest with me....⁠


If you went outside this weekend, did you wear sunglasses?⁠


I'm so hoping this is a yes!⁠

During every comprehensive exam, one of the things I am looking for is cancer. There is a rare type of cancer called ocular melanoma that thankfully, I have only seen one case of in my career. However, more common, in fact roughly 5-10% of skin cancers, can happen on the eyelids. ⁠This is not a place that people use sunscreen so what should you use as sunscreen for your eyes?⁠




Here is where the importance of sunglasses comes in!⁠


But not all sunglasses are created equal, so what are you looking for in a sunglass?⁠

Two things:⁠

1️⃣100% UVA protection and⁠

2️⃣100% UVB protection.⁠

These are the light rays that are the most damaging to the eye and skin. Tinted lenses can sometimes help with contrast but do nothing for UV protection so make sure you know if you're buying a tint vs UV protection.⁠

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