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What are my eyeglass lenses made out of?

Lenses in glasses used to be made with glass. However, newer plastic materials are the norm now and have proven to be more impact resistant (glass lenses are a shatter risk!), lightweight (glass lenses are heavy!), and durable.

Eyeglass lenses come in a variety of materials:

-Polycarbonate lenses are necessary for kids or those with only one good eye. These lenses are shatterproof, impact resistance, block UVA & UVB rays, and are also very light!

-Hi-index lenses are needed for stronger prescriptions. This material makes lenses thinner, slimmer, and more lightweight.

-Mid-index are much lighter than glass and are ideal for those with mild to moderate prescriptions. This material is also less expensive than hi-index lenses.

To find out which lens material you have or should have in your glasses, schedule an appointment today!

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