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What is an AR coating? Is it worth putting on my glasses?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

If you want to maximize on sharp vision and look fabulous in your new glasses, then the short answer is “Yes!”

An AR coating is a clear anti-reflective “no-glare” coating that can be applied to the front and/or back of your lenses. It serves dual cosmetic & functional purpose.

Cosmetically, it reduces lens light reflections, enhancing your appearance and allowing other people to see your eyes clearly through the lens. It makes lenses look almost invisible in different types of light.

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Functionally, it allows more light to pass through the lens and into the eye, optimizing crisp and clear vision and reducing eye strain. It also cuts down on glare and halos around car headlights and digital devices.

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In addition, most AR coatings include a scratch resistant coating. Different premium coatings have surface treatments that repel dust and water, resist smudges, provide UV protection, and also protect against blue light. These treatments make your lenses easier to clean and also prolong the life of your lenses.

We are proud to utilize only the highest quality anti-reflective coatings to make you look and see your best!

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