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What is the best contact lens solution?⁠

I like to ask my patients that wear reusable lenses what solutions they use. This is important because sometimes solutions are the reason contacts won't feel as comfortable as they could.⁠


My favorite solution is Clear Care (and no, I am not paid to say that 😂). This is a hydrogen peroxide based solution that is great for cleaning all the debris off of your lens.⁠


I recommend this solution for anyone that is wearing reusable lenses (like a two week or monthly lens). Some patients will use this as their primary solution and others will use it a couple of times a week for a deep clean.⁠




You can't use this solution to rinse your contacts, that is the job of a multipurpose solution. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are literally hydrogen peroxide based which will burn like crazy if you put that directly in your eye. 😭⁠

Be sure to follow the instructions on the case! ⁠


Have you ever accidentally put this solution directly in your eye? You have all of my sympathy if you have!⁠

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