What Is the OptiLight by Lumenis & How Can It Manage Your Dry Eye?

Dry eye disease is a widespread and common issue for up to 49 million Americans. This chronic condition can have a significant impact on your quality of life, causing a foreign body sensation in your eyes, pain, blurry vision, and dry or watery eyes. Untreated, it can even lead to further eye health complications.

Despite these constant detrimental effects on quality of life, many dry eye sufferers are not aware that they’re suffering from dry eye disease or that real treatments exist. Instead, they just live with the discomfort.

At Envision Optometry, we are dedicated to finding a solution to your dry eyes. We will complete a thorough evaluation to determine the cause and best treatment options for you.

To diagnose dry eye we use the latest imaging technology which includes meibography, as well as non-invasive tear break up time, SPEED questionnaire, Schirmer’s testing, meibomian gland evaluator, and various vital dyes. Our goal is to restore your eyes to a more comfortable state.

We’re proud to offer OptiLight by Lumenis to our patients, specially designed for dry eye management.