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Why are my eyes dry in the morning?

It's not uncommon to hear patients complain about dry/red/irritated eyes in the morning.

Below are some reasons that can happen as well as some tips to prevent this!

1. There is a fan on at night.⁠

Circulating air, especially if a fan is blowing right on you, can cause your eyes to dry out at night. If it can be turned off or at least directed away from you, this will help. Sleep masks can also help prevent dryness at night.⁠

2. The skin care products you use the night before. ⁠

The cosmetic industry is not well regulated in terms of the ingredients they use in their products and many are harsh to the ocular surface. When these are used before bed, these chemicals will sit on the eyes all night which will cause irritation in the morning. A great makeup remover that has kind ingredients is Eyes Are The Story cleansing towelettes.⁠

3. Your eyes do not close completely at night.⁠

If there is not a tight lid seal when you close your eyes, this will cause your eyes to dry out all night. This is very common and using a thicker artificial tear like a gel or ointment (Hylo Night is a great one) will help keep the eyes moisturized while you sleep.⁠

I hope these tips help! Please reach out if you have any questions!

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